Top 5 Food Remedies for Morning Sickness from a Registered Dietitian

Morning sickness may unfortunately be inevitable for some during pregnancy. However, fertility specialist, registered dietitian, and our nutrition advisor, Tracy Lockwood Beckerman (, shares some of her top remedies to alleviate symptoms of...

Why You Should Celebrate Goddess of Fertility Day

On March 18th, if you stare into the mirror hard enough, you may catch your tresses transforming into ethereal tendrils and your cheeks flushing with the radiance of a Botticelli painting. No, you are not hallucinating, you are channeling your inner Aphrodite, goddess of...

A Surrogate's Journey

I remember telling my friend that we were pregnant with our 2nd and the intense look of pain and joy flashed across her face all at the same time. Yep, you guessed it, they were dealing with infertility.  Right then something began to grow in my heart. I remember ...

Rebranding The Mother

Four years ago, I was in my final months of business school, negotiating opportunities, and fixated on titles..   Two years later, as my son turned four months old, I chose to shift my work and lean into motherhood and did away with any title beyond Mother. I quickly re...

Be Mine:  Tips for Navigating Valentines Day When You're TTC

FertileGirl advisor, Lindsay Liben, gives tips on navigating Valentines Day when you are trying to conceive.

Fertility Journey: Ashley Perry

People said that losses would make sense in time, and I believe they're right. This is the baby I was supposed to have. I'm sending everyone else on this journey all my love, support and positive energy.

Fertility Journey: Justine Froelker

Over five years ago my husband Chad and I ended our IVF journey before we got the hoped for, dreamed of, and paid for result of healthy babies in our arms. After tens of thousands of dollars spent and three babies lost, we ended our journey with our gestational surrogate. We had reached what I call our enoughs and everythings - the money was gone, our hearts broken, and we had to move on from a dream that was going to take more from us than it ever would give – let alone if it was ever going to come true in our definition of success. It wasn’t until after our journey that I found, fought for, created, and received my true motherhood in my calling for speaking the unspoken shame, advocating for healthier messages in our community, and teaching this work of a brave, authentic life to the world. 

Bump Envy: Strategies for facing other pregnancies and babies when you are TTC

  Photography: Lauren Elle   You can’t stop seeing pregnant women and babies EVERYWHERE when you are going through a difficult fertility journey, but you can learn how to turn those painful triggers from a downward spiral of negative and toxic thoughts, that end with you ...

Fertility Journey: Amber from The Preggers Kitchen

Amber from The Preggers Kitchen beat infertility with the help of IVF and healthy lifestyle choices.  Read about her fertility journey here.

Fertility Journey: Adena Herman

Read about Adena Herman's fertility journey as she talks about beating infertility and getting pregnant via IUI.


Meet our FertileGirl fertility grant recipients!

FertileGirl, Baby Quest Foundation, and CCRM New York teamed up to help Diana and Aaron Garrett attempt a third round of IVF to start their family.  Read about their fertility journey here and be sure to follow along to see their journey in real time.

5 "Fertility Foods" from a Registered Dietitian

Trying to pick out the best foods during your pre-conception period is hard and can be extremely stressful. Tracy Lockwood Nutrition, a private nutrition practice in NYC, specializes in finding the right foods specifically for you during this period of time. During your...