Fertility Journey: Dr. Lara Oboler

I waited to solidify my career before starting a family. After becoming a partner in my medical practice – I was ready. I was 34 years old and assumed that I would get pregnant my first month of trying. Of course, that’s not how it went down. After 6 months, I started t...

Fertility Journey: Toby Lightman

I am a singer songwriter who was living the gypsy life. Traveling to write, tour, meet artists, and not truly planting roots in NYC. After I got married at 34, my appendix burst, and I was close to losing it all; so between that and my career, I did not think about start...

Fertility Journey: Tedi Palmer of Running with Infertility

  Chase and I married in 2007 and started trying in 2009. After a year of trying naturally, we went to our doctor and found out Chase had low sperm count. We did 3 IUIs, which were all unsuccessful. A few years later, we met with an RE, who said I had low ovarian re...

A Surrogate's Journey

I remember telling my friend that we were pregnant with our 2nd and the intense look of pain and joy flashed across her face all at the same time. Yep, you guessed it, they were dealing with infertility.  Right then something began to grow in my heart. I remember ...

Fertility Journey: Ashley Perry

People said that losses would make sense in time, and I believe they're right. This is the baby I was supposed to have. I'm sending everyone else on this journey all my love, support and positive energy.

Fertility Journey: Justine Froelker

Over five years ago my husband Chad and I ended our IVF journey before we got the hoped for, dreamed of, and paid for result of healthy babies in our arms. After tens of thousands of dollars spent and three babies lost, we ended our journey with our gestational surrogate. We had reached what I call our enoughs and everythings - the money was gone, our hearts broken, and we had to move on from a dream that was going to take more from us than it ever would give – let alone if it was ever going to come true in our definition of success. It wasn’t until after our journey that I found, fought for, created, and received my true motherhood in my calling for speaking the unspoken shame, advocating for healthier messages in our community, and teaching this work of a brave, authentic life to the world. 

Fertility Journey: Adena Herman

Read about Adena Herman's fertility journey as she talks about beating infertility and getting pregnant via IUI.


Meet our FertileGirl fertility grant recipients!

FertileGirl, Baby Quest Foundation, and CCRM New York teamed up to help Diana and Aaron Garrett attempt a third round of IVF to start their family.  Read about their fertility journey here and be sure to follow along to see their journey in real time.

Fertility Journey: Tasha Blasi

Everything was “perfect.” From the outside, I was a rock star. I always has a positive attitude about it and when people would ask how it was doing, I would say, “It is going great and it will happen soon.” I was too proud to have anyone pity me and there was nothing to pity- I had an amazing family, career, and life. But inside I felt very hollow and lonely and guilty. 

Fertility Journey: Alexis DelChiaro

Several doctors ran every single test humanly possible on me and I passed each one with flying colors (Hubby passed his tests too!). My body seemed perfectly primed for parenthood! When I was diagnosed with “Unexplained Infertility,” I was crushed. After almost 4 years after we first started trying, the tides turned...

Fertility Journey: Nikol Johnson

My fertility journey has been challenging to say the least. To make it short and sweet this is how I would describe my journey: disbelief, scared, challenged, bold, strong, fighter and extreme endurance. The most difficult part was finding out that I had stage three end...

Fertility Journey: Carly Kenihan

I struggled with whether or not to get real and share my life behind the lens, for infertility was never how I wanted to define my identity to the world. I had a loving husband, supportive family, health, happiness, success (damn, my life was almost as perfect as my Ins...