Fertility Journey: Christine Wisnieski

Five years ago, we lost our first pregnancy. In the years that followed, we would go on to lose two more. After the first loss, I began working with a fertility specialist who suggested that the cause for our loss might have been my uterus shape, an abnormality I was apparently born with. I had operation, after operation, after operation....then, we tried again. There was no pregnancy this time--just exhaustion, over 20k in medical expenses and the realization that carrying my own child might not be possible. Last month, we hopped on a plane to travel to meet with a new set of doctors and undergo a day of testing. Within hours they had feedback. I returned home with the instruction of undergoing more tests, including a mammogram. The mammogram, repeated scans, and biopsy added a whole new level of fear to this process. 
Next, we wait for a talk with our doctor to determine what is next, another surgery or the search for a gestational carrier. Most know me as a wife, a designer, a business owner, a home cook, a new homeowner, and a cat lady but so much of me is this. It has changed me, it has hurt me and it has empowered me. It has taken my breathe away many times, but I have fought religiously to get hope back. I'm going to be sharing some of my journey at @comeondolly. We named my uterus Dolly last year :) (anything by Dolly P. is my life theme 🎶) so I would think of her in the most positive light, just like a dear friend. Thanks for listening. – Christine