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I did IVF ten times to have my two children. My son, Hudson, was round 2 and my daughter, Mila, was round 10. I did nine egg retrievals and ten transfers. We had to do IVF because my husband has low sperm count. So, I was very confident and cocky going into my journey. Getting pregnant with my son was “easy.” The first round was a chemical pregnancy and the second one was successful. The hard life lessons came when I was trying for my second child. I did not expect it to take three years and eight more rounds of IVF. 

The most difficult part was always hearing, “I don’t know” as an answer to why none of the embryos were implanting. Everything was “perfect” and I did not have any fertility issues. Hindsight, when the clinics asked when they can expect payment, I should have said, “I don’t know.” From the outside, I was a rock star. I always has a positive attitude about it and when people would ask how it was doing, I would say, “It is going great and it will happen soon.” I was too proud to have anyone pity me and there was nothing to pity- I had an amazing family, career, and life. But inside I felt very hollow and lonely and guilty. Something was missing in our family of three. And I felt really guilty wanting more than what I already had. But I also knew that I would keep going until I was successful. Having just one child was never an option for me. 

I was very open about my journey. But when you are open, you have to be prepared for people to say really dumb things. My “favorite” is, “Relax and you will get pregnant.” I left my career to start the Fertilitites Unite Project (FU Project) to show women how to stop the financial and emotional drain in their fertility journey and to protect their limited time and get to their fertility goals quickly. My success rates are 100% (to date).

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