Fertility Journey: Jade Freeman

Jade FreemanOkay, now that we’re #FertileFriends, let me first admit, I haven’t ever been nor am I currently TTC, but I began my reproductive health journey over 2 years ago and have realized the importance of understanding women’s health throughout every stage of our lives. My journey began in an entrepreneurship course during undergrad where myself and two other women were tasked with defining a market pain and developing a solution. It took us no time to agree on our biggest “pain” and it just so happened to relate to over half of our population once a month, or so we thought. After talking to other women about their experiences, we quickly gained appreciation for the much bigger problems beyond bleeding; such as conditions like PCOS and infertility, unplanned and teen pregnancy rates, and premature menopause. Even though women of all ages were struggling with different issues, we found that the root problem could be linked all the way back to the lack of education surrounding our reproductive health, which for us, began with menstruation. I started learning all I could about women’s health. Reading an array of books and articles on reproductive health, which influenced me to make small changes in my diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle to optimize my health as a woman. And although I do struggle daily with unwavering commitment, even the small inconsistent changes have made substantial improvements to my mood, energy, and even libido. I now know that I’m doing everything in my power to live a life prepared for the future, which has gained significant importance to me as a new wife and (someday) hopeful mother. This journey inspired me to co-create a business dedicated to celebrating women monthly by empowering them through reproductive health education and body literacy throughout the most crucial times of her life. DollHer Monthly Club currently supplies young girls and women with their monthly menstruation essentials while equipping her with the education she needs to better understand her body and focus her energies more deliberately. 

– Jade Freeman, @Shaynin_Jade